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26.05.2013    Simple Guide in Menu feed by Blog
15.04.2013  Tweetbox for Active Tweets HTML5 local store
01.04.2013  Favorite deactivated ( serverload )
03.15.2013 Mini Menu 
03.03.2013 Flags Render instead of countries language by User Settings
01.01.2013 Caching to prevent Twitter overload
01012013  Trello full Project Dev Log
Blog post about Metaweet
Retweet from Tweet Stream popup instead of new page 
Simple Pre Landing..

Metatweet Guide

MetaTweet Guide
Show your Best 300 Connection on Twitter  by active  Follower Listed Mention (Favorites)
Connect with Twitter to load your Profile                               => Load your Profile
Sort  new Follower table                              ..

Google+ Comments for WordPress

Google Plus just released Google+ Comments for Blogger now its time to integrate that into our WordPress Blog. Since we cant wait till goole will publish the official version  we take look under the hood how the new comment widget  could be integrated for our WP Blog 
First stop i would suggest to take a look..

Twitter Bomb tweet viral into twitter trends

Obama twitter political campaign 2012 use it Justin Bieber use it so why not try it once for your twitter campaign. Shortly before his vienna concert  Twitter trends looks like Justins lyrics 2-3 trending phrases related to Bieber .
Twitter Bombe is a pre-planed push of some words or topic into the Twitter trending topics.   Remember theGoogle Bombs its a hook up..

MetaGrids or How to Build social Awareness

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Since on Twitter and other Social Networks thinking how to make it less time consuming and concentrate more on the people and communication than on Platform. Many fabulous Tools and Apps build but most concentrate on ranking influence and follower grow.One key mostly get forgotten all these important parameter depends on region language and time…

Don't be afraid to fail

Digg deep , what makes you happyBreak the rulesthink outside the box or go to austrian alps yodeling 
#arnold Schwarzenegger  video #quote 

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Unexpected Briefing  

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Oder wie man eine langweilige Geschichte spannend erzählt 
auf der suche nach einigen guten Tourist Videos  
More Elbe Boarding storiesAn Unexpected Briefing #airnzhobbit 
#Inspiration #capsulefilm

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JqGrid upgrade for Boolean search operator

Started to search for some beautiful Table visualisation that and endet up with PHPGrid that offers what i need PhpGrid based on JQGrid from Triland . Some nice php jqgrid development from China the older phpgrid3.0beta (2009-11-14 ) from a Chinese Developer.
Anyway after all some important function was missing for me the Boolean searches like bigger >= and smaller > equal >= to search..

Top 3 Coalborative tools 

Sehr feines Tool für Social Media Teams und Teamworker , könnte auf der Einkaufsliste von Google stehen. Wie Google Friends Circle nur besser.Sonst empfehle ich keine  third party tools doch das teil ist zu gut um es für mich zu behalten.
Notes : AppsImport /Export Cards ,Gogole Calendar Update, Twitter update, Drag and Drop Ideal für Fanpage..