Will you …

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Pleas Wait !

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Google Community Managers

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Stay Tuned on Google Products  Reshared post from +Google+ Help (Unofficial) Connect to Google products and services by adding these Google Community Managers to a circle: Lots of information & updates on their profiles but of course also posts about their life and interests. +Brian Rose  CM for Google+ Photos and Google+ Events+Dori Storbeck  CM..

Die Krise die Beste Zeit für Startups

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Google Maps Marker 

Für alle Maps Fans einfacher und schneller als Google Earth und viel potential  Neu! Map Maker ist jetzt in Österreich, Dänemark, Liechtenstein, Norwegen, Schweiz, Niederlande, Belgien und Luxemburg!Deutschland muss noch warten .  Reshared post from +Stefan Keuchel Hier wird der Google Map Maker anschaulich erklärt…   View post on Google+

Panic Camera

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5 guys on the piano 

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Funny cute animation

Just like human they won't believe it until it was too late… for sure it Is wood!  View post on Google+

2048px  Nature Wallpapers

Nice share from Spain Barcelona photographerRomain Guy Reshared post from +Romain Guy Wallpapers I just updated my wallpapers album. As always, feel free to download these photos in 2048px to use as wallpapers on your favorite computer, tablet or phone. In album Wallpapers (113 photos) Delicate Arch View post on Google+

50 states Fifty thousand miles and 1,000 rolls of film later  

World Top 5 Nature Photographer One of my favorite Nature photographer behind all digital photography there are still some  heros out there. Work on location NBC Documentary From the EdgePeter Lik – One Drop From his Bio He has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of his artwork, has 13 galleries of his own and counts presidents..