You make more Friends in 2 month by becoming interested in other people than you…

You make more Friends in 2 month by becoming interested in other people than you can in 2 years by trying to get other people interested you
  – Dave Carnegie
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I thought this could well be relevant on Google+It has certainly been my experience. What do you think?

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Elephant and Friends 

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If you got some time you should read the fascinating  travel report from sloggs on wordnomad.
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21 Terrific rules about Googling Google+ 1

Never talk about Facebook  
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What I’ve Learned about Google and Googling
I’ve been googling long enough that I felt the desire to share my experience.  So here’s what I’ve learned – so far…
1. The G+ community is comprised of kind, generous people who are willing to drop everything and help a newbie..

Who have run a test on the new Facebook WordPress Plugin ? 

If you had previous Facebook Plugins aktive like the one Facebook OpenGraph form Javier Reyes Facebook Graph you will get forced to turn them off or make some changes.About 10 Developer worked on it like  the one build Jetpack 
Einige nützliche Features wie User und Page  Mention sind fein wenn Sie funktionieren würden mit den Freunden klapts aber die eigenen Seiten findet das Plugin..

Frankensteins Fish

In Memory of tomorrow  … 
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BEWARE FRANKENFISH: Do you enjoy eating healthy, grilled salmon? Well, if the FDA doesn't take more precaution, you may be getting more than just your omega-3s. The FDA is considering approving the first-ever genetically engineered salmon–cleverly marketed by the company AquaBounty as "AquaAdvantage Salmon"–for human consumption in..

How to Lifestream to Facebook [DE]

Wie streamt man Video Live in Facebook
Was kann die Livestream APP
– Twitter News Ticker 
– Pinterest Board  People oder Themen 
– WordPress Video Feed Integration
– Facebook Page/ Post Video Feed
– Facebook Page Banner als Bauchbinde
– Real Time Google Analytics Timeline 
Mehr Soziale Verbindungen Inhaltsreicher Stream
Die Video App kann durch mehrere Social Media  Channels angesteuert werden. Die Grund..

Facebook Comment Import Fix

Viele Host unterstüzen kein Curl Foppen was dazu führt das einige WordPress Plugins welche externe Daten abfragen nicht richtig  laufen oder Fehler zurück geben. Eines der brauchbarsten Plugins ist Import Facebook Comment to WordPress Blog (letztes Update 2011) . Indem man anstelle foppen command  file_get_contents das sichere curl verwendet. Vor allem auf shared Host ist..

*Live Venus Transit* 

On a Google Air Hangout 
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me is hanging out with 7 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonair

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