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Social Youtube Player Upgrades

Simple Facebook Video Embed as Youtube upgrade there Api to AS3 on some blogs video dont play anymore inside Facebook and  GaPro-1 tracker dont send tracking updates. All Youtube videos that are Add Sense enabled will not embed outside your blog.
They are several workaround offerd first of all the videoplayer have to be serverd from..

Beauty is in the eye of the lens' size

Beauty is in the eye of the lens' size
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Beauty is in the eye of the lens' size.
 Here is a long version of what the face looks like with lenses from a 35MM full frame DSLR, 24x36mm chip, at various focal lengths accounting for framing with distance.
Here's how he did it:
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*Most beautiful Waves Ever* 

When you take a look at his images, it's hard to imagine that the ocean is real .seen already some gorgeous wave photos from +Clark Little  but these is some thing different more painting than photo.since i drunk too much water of some of these brazial waves i have deep respect and still fascinated.Ocean at its most extraordinary
Photo Art by..

Urlaub im Käfer 

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So stell ich mir da sehr romatisch vor das richtige Vehikel für den 
Tripp Around the World
no hurry dont have to be in 80 days
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They see me rollin, they hating Hope everyone is having a great Sat.

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