Russian Art Photographer

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Thats why i love to circle Russian even if i cant read one line. Art and Photography dont need any words different photo culture show me a other world and ar most inspiring. Telling Storys fascinate and keeps in mind much longer than just a beautiful photo. Enjoy
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The photographs in..

Facebook Camera

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Nachdem Facebook Instagram gekauft hat ist gestern die eigene IOS Photo App veröfentlicht worden. Sie soll das uploaden von mehreren Fotos erleichtern. Was mir noch fehlt ist eine Android app mit welcher DSLR Fotos direkt auf Soziale Netzwerke uploaden kann.
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Facebook Camera
Share photos faster than ever and see all your friends' latest shots..

New Google+ for Android is out

the long Awaited Android update
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New Google+ for Android: polish and performance
We continue to work toward a simpler, more beautiful Google, and today we're accelerating these efforts with a new Google+ app for Android phones. The update includes lots of highly-requested features—like the ability to start a hangout on the go, and..

How to destroy the Internet

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Remember when Anonymous threatened to destroy the entire internet? We laughed …. The Rosa made some research and showcase how sensitiv and fast it could get dark on our social media sky.A Interesting Picture how complex our Internet works today
by +Rosa Golijan

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How to Destroy the Internet
Remember when Anonymous threatened to destroy the entire..

Good morning sun from Greek

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Good morning sun from Greek
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the end of the dreamalogomantra, milos, greece

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Rope Swing Shoot

Thats looks like a loot of fun now i know what to doe next time i see a big Goods window hole.
Beside that great shoot film with heavy material mix shoot on IPhone 4S, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, Canon 60D, GoPro HD and Epic Red One cameras . Can you see what..

My last German Post or why Google+ Zensor by your language

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Auch wenn ich vor hatte G+ endlich auf Deutsch zu nutzen um etwas Lokaler zu teilen scheint das keine gute Idee zu sein.
Zensuriert Goolge+ What's hot on Google+? Laut +Michael Mozart sehr wohl an verschiedenen beispielen und nach etwas Monitoring der Liste wird jedem sehr schnell klar das es dort keine non Englisch Posts..

Google Translate Fail G+

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Ever tried to use Google Translate with a public G+ post ? Return a Google Error Sorry, this URL is invalid
Just a little bit surprised as using these service for ages and even FB have them integrated under every post. Why not Google plus ? But enjoy learning Chinese with that Girl

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