Surfing in the Desert

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Just got these video from a friend in Dubai in the middle of a Desert they can go for surfing now . Would give that next time a try when in the area. At least to get my first lessons in surfing .Pretty awesome

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Social Media Video Traffic

Pinterest versus Facebook und Google Plus  
Nachdem Pinterest sich exzellent entwickelt hab ich doch einen tieferen Blick hinter die Pins werfen müssen vor allem aus der Sicht von Video und Rich Media Content  auf Pinterest. Einige Interessante Zahlen und die Problematic von sich sehr schnell ändernden Social media platformen wie Facebook und Google+ und die Möglichkeiten zur Einbettung von Video über Youtube hinaus.

*Optical illusion*s

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mixed painting over architecture results in an unusual time-laps
40,000 high resolution still images shot on a Canon 60D
Really surprised what you still can make on location with lighting and some colours
Probably you need to watch it at least twice to get the rich component and some ideas for your next shooting.
All real no CGI or..

How to Change the Tweetdeck Notification

Morning Birds
Its spring time so the right time to change the annoying atom submarine notification sound from Tweetdeck. As some will use twitter too it could help you too enjoy the spring and twitter without Red sonar alerts.

Awesome sleeping

For today make a great story to tell, dont wait around for someone to give you an opportunity create you own performances. Just one idea and making it come to lifeThey are no script beyond these mission’s ideas.
#flashmob #pranks

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7 rules for making more happiness

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a Austrian in N.YStefan Sagmeister The Designer Filmmaker and Philosoph some say today's most important graphic designer
some work i like

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Would you like to change your IPad with a Original USB Typewriter ano 1940 ?

For all the writer and people sitting to long on computers that haptic experience could be a real plus. Now i just have to find a real old Typewriter on some fleemarket.
if you want to build your own on the weekend the full tutorial Probably you even dont need any DY Kit just..

The Invisible German Car

Real world commercial with a nice arty idea .Mercedes Preparation for the invisible car Mercedes with mounted LED panels, and a Canon 5D MKII amera on the other side . Promoting there zero-emission capabilities of the F-Cell technology car, toured through Berlinvia +Felix Disselhoff

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