Dreaming Elephants

One of the first persons i searched on Google Plus finally touched g+ He inspired me for most of the travels to Asia and Afrika and get my interest on most advanced internet technology many years ago. Just shortly talked with Herbert Nitsch how +Gregory Colbert work when shooting the whales.
The youtube video is just..

Gorgeous fashion anim Gif

since every DSLR can shoot high quality footage there are just some view steps with photoshop to turn them into a Gif. Some Filmmaker could really benefit from Google Plus the same way as Photographer do already by adding these litte motion into there Frames.
There is also a way to play that anim Gifs..

Multi Admin and Manager for Google Plus and FB Pages

Just shortly G+ Introduce how to add multiadmins to your Google+ Page now slowly G+ pages start to get interesting. I would like to share 3 ways how to add Managers to your Facebook Fanpage without Super Admin Power.
Even we love G+ most of us have still some Fanpages that should keep alive or..

My next webcamera

My next webcamera
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Fast übersehen, Hangouts gehen nun auch für langsame Internetverbindungen

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Vor ein paar Wochen hab ich ein Wiener Frühstücks Hangout getested in meinem Lieblings Café, das funktionieret klaglos mit Tethering und einem Android auch ohne Drosselung der übertragungsrate. Gibt einiges an spanenden Orten an dennen man ein Hangout starten kann es muss nicht immer das Büro oder der Schreibtisch sein. Hier noch kurz eine Erinnerung..