Understand Facebook under the Hud

As Facebook change and moody a lot in very short time its some times hard to understand what is going on under the hud. One of the open mysteries are the Like Share Recommend and Comment social plugins that spread like wildfire since launched. ITs quite easy to integrate them and you don't have to..

New Facebook privacy exploit – Virus Alert

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A new exploit is running throu Facebook If you just visited a app link in your friends massage the Travian Virus Script it takes your auto permission to massage your friends. On the button of the App page is a hided feeld with the malicious code in it to auto give them permissions.
How it works..

New Facebook verification, identify friends in photos !

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Facebook changed their verification protocol this recently . They now require photo tag identification to verify an account when logging in from a new IP address. If you try to connect to my FB account FB will ask you for captcha and then to identify 7 friends on tagged photos !! If you failed and..

Facebook Photo browsing

The Mac App PhotoBook is sweet application that gives the visual Facebook user a fast browser to look thew the hundert or even tousend of pictures of friends

In 5 years you will pay your rent with Facebook

-Gerd Leonhard Media Futurist-
This is a 90 minute+ video of Gerd Leonhard s presentation on “New Insights: The Future of Business – trends, future scenarios and key insights” at the Fundacao Dom Cabral (FDC) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Brazil is one of the leading Internet Nations in the world Leonhards talk is extremely inspiring and..

Facebook Enable Pages To Target Stream Stories by City

More localised updates for Facebook Pages are now available. As you know you could already update Pages by Country and language but now they add the feature to update by city to what give a enormous potential for lokal marketing by area. As most campaigns are location based and not national wide yo reach exactly the target audience that should read your Facebook wall update.