Facebook video Timeline Profile hacks

Funny Facebook Photo Massage
The shortly published new Facebook profile Design give some interesting new ways to redesign your profile with a moving video . Specially for Musician and the one how would like to use more often video upload feature like a video podcast. The on top tagged picture can be arranged as you like..

What is a Facebook deal ?

How to make a Facebook deal  ?

Facebook expands its geolocation service Facebook Places with a reward system that allows visitors (physical) to a local called Facebook Deal
No doubt the success that will have this service, if you join now 200 million people use Facebook Places on there  mobile.
Facebook allows you to create..

Silent Facebook Profile Update

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As you can imagine Facebook is not on winter sleep and updates are in continues process . One major update that start right now is the new Facebook Profile update. You will get a notification on top of your Profile where you get offered to change to the new Profile . But what is the..