Facebook video Timeline Profile hacks

Funny Facebook Photo Massage   The shortly published new Facebook profile Design give some interesting new ways to redesign your profile with a moving video . Specially for Musician and the one how would like to use more often video upload feature like a video podcast. The on top tagged picture can be arranged as you..

What is a Facebook deal ?

How to make a Facebook deal  ? Facebook expands its geolocation service Facebook Places with a reward system that allows visitors (physical) to a local called Facebook Deal No doubt the success that will have this service, if you join now 200 million people use Facebook Places on there  mobile. Facebook allows you to create..

Silent Facebook Profile Update

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As you can imagine Facebook is not on winter sleep and updates are in continues process . One major update that start right now is the new Facebook Profile update. You will get a notification on top of your Profile where you get offered to change to the new Profile . But what is the..

Facebook Swiss Army knife

Its a ongoing Mystery on Facebook many new functions get added over night other disappear without notice. A short overview of recent changes on the Facebook platform

How to build a Facebook Landing page with Google Docs

As many Facebook Pages grow out i thought about how to make it supper simple to start with a own landing Page admins to get there nice landing page for there bussiness without the need to dig deep into html php and FBML Code. Here the most simple way with stunning good results . As..


These is a first example how to embed Facebook Videos on WordPress Blogs as also on Facebook Landing pages . Here we use a custom moded Plugin that stream the video to Facebook Walls too . Standard Facebook Url format for Videos is http://www.facebook.com/v/xxxxxx  where XXX have to be changed to the Video ID …

Some Youtube Gods what can a filmmaker learn ?

I Am Cyr Videos: 128 Channel Views: 118,472 Subscribers: 20,854 bambamjoey New video every Saturday! Videos: 14 Channel Views: 160,513 Subscribers: 27,349 Onision Subscribe to ONISION for Emo Ghosts, Scene Kid Bananas & Goth Hippies :D!!! ~ ♥ ~ T... Videos: 347 Channel Views: 8,894,242 Subscribers: 470,149 InfoUplink Geek HQ Internets. Videos: 185 Channel Views:..

Google Shortner ulr for Facebook

Google published there webpage for the Google shortener goo.gl Most Twitter user know how to use and why to use url shortener to fit your url you want to promote into the 140 text linit of twitter . But why use a url shortener for Facebook ? There are  a couple of important reasons If..