Sync Iphone Facebook Gmail and Yahoo

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These post is a remark how to get all the contacts you have synced in a proper way without any extra cost or service . The only part its  not that easy and not sure if it will stay for free for ever so the early bird pics the nice corn 🙂 . I write..

Schmusen für den Weltfrieden Flashmob Wien

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Schmusen für den Weltfrieden ein einzigartigen Flashmob in Wien -> Keine gewöhnliche Veranstaltungseinladung – vielmehr geht es in dieser Einladung um die schönste Nebensache der Welt.

Fight Club Promotion mit Facebook Connect und Identity-integration

Für die bevorstehende 10. Jahrestag von Fight Club hat Fox ein Facebook Connect Integration ähnlich einer Reihe von Implementierungen gestartet. Dies und ein Artikel auf Techcrunch zunächst zu bemerken ist, dass der Regisseur hinter Fight Club, David Fincher, ist auch der Direktor des bevorstehenden Film über Facebook, “The Social Network”. Also, was ist an dieser..

How to make a Youtube Video more succesfull

This sweet song remembers i played several time after i found them the guy who make it as a tribute to Vienna Billy Joel found it after a deeper digg into keywords for videos on YouTube. Its really hard to gain some video related keywords like Vienna as i searched throw there are many artist..

Login 2 Live – Pleas hit me as hard as you can Bodybits

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Shorty i get a massage from a Director that he need some support for his movie about the Social Networks and the peopel behind. I meet him about a year ago when i was still very aktiv on Secondlife Platform with some Austria and Event simulating Projects. Now there is a voting from the ZDF..

How to make viral TV promotion ?

This simple you tube movie just show very nice how you can give the user a bit more to interact than just watching or commenting on a video . Interactive videos is a long discussed topic on the Television scene but except on some experimental and artist productions not seen much anymore .With the huge..

Witch Plugins will slow down your WordPress Blog

Getting too freaky about all the Word press Plugins as a New Word Press user can really kill your blog .As i moved from B2evolution Blog to WordPress there are hundred tausend of nice plugins . After a short look under the hud i realize that many of them slow down the blog too a..

Flickr RSS with Lightbox

testing the  light box this is the test of akWpLightbox plugin for wordpress some how it dont work so easy like it should as it have a litle conflickt with the  Photo Plugin that add additional Css to the picture what disturbe the call of the lightbox script . Changed the FlickrRss plugin to work..

The Twitter Hack

Most Twitter user read the Story about Techchruch and the Twitter Documents get publish . Croll Hacker is the Name who  gained acces to differnt mail boxes of employess twitter like Evan Williams and his wife . That allow him acces to a bunch of info . He get acces to accounts Paypal Amazon ,Apple..