Extended Hangouts

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Some asked how to use Wirecast for hangouts these short post should help all who dont own a Hangout On Air or Youtube Live but still want to share there Hangout with more people than 10 people. Wirecast dont have a virtual camera integrated so it need a little workaround
One toll for windows is..

Google Plus Air Hangout in WordPress

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As its hard to share or embed videos in goolge plus except youtube and vimeo Vidos these is a Test post how a Hangout Air Livestream would fit in a WordPress Blog  to share it with people outside the Goole Plus world. These Stream is from Fraser Cain the publisher of Universe Today, a popular website that gets more than..

Nice overview on hangout

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Nice overview on hangout
Reshared post from +Carmelyne Thompson
Here's a Hangout 101 Tutorial (The Google+ Way)
Don't miss out on hangouts. It's the most interesting feature on Google+
I hope these screens that I created helps you discover hangouts.

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