Google Plus Air Hangout in WordPress

As its hard to share or embed videos in goolge plus except youtube and vimeo Vidos these is a Test post how a Hangout Air Livestream would fit in a WordPress Blog  to share it with people outside the Goole Plus world. These Stream is from Fraser Cain the publisher of Universe Today, a popular website that gets more than..

Who visited your Facebook Profile

As there are many fake applications that suggest to show you how have visited your profile, there is no such way you can due that in Facebook .Exept with a virus installed on your computer. Any way you could track visitors with google analeptics on the old profile with a embedded Google Analytics code in a FBML..

Google Shortner ulr for Facebook

Google published there webpage for the Google shortener Most Twitter user know how to use and why to use url shortener to fit your url you want to promote into the 140 text linit of twitter . But why use a url shortener for Facebook ? There are  a couple of important reasons If..