50 states Fifty thousand miles and 1,000 rolls of film later  

Reading Time: 1 minuteWorld Top 5 Nature Photographer One of my favorite Nature photographer behind all digital photography there are still some  heros out there.
Work on location NBC Documentary From the EdgePeter Lik – One Drop
From his Bio He has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of his artwork, has 13 galleries of his own and counts presidents and celebrities..

API Endpoints for Twitter Facebook Graph Youtube and other social network Datas

Some official and unofficial Endpoints only intereting for App Developers. Some smal overview and reference if you want to build some kind of mashup. Discoverd by different user or from the public dev info of the related page. Probably not that clean formated as it should i use it as a fast reference when building something..

112 megapixel camera

Reading Time: 1 minuteSensor can photograph the sun and stars in daylightVideoSpectral Instruments 1110s.mp4!
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Huge camera sensor can photograph the sun and stars in daylight … Dvice – "Spectral Instruments' 95 x 95mm image sensor is usually reserved for space telescopes and not for regularly grumpy photographers to fool around with. Mechanical engineer Zeke is..

100 Top Social Media Experts

Reading Time: 20 minutesMonitoring und Medienbeobachtung der Social Media Scene über Twitter und Google+ | Medienanalyse

New Social Media Revoltuion video

Reading Time: 1 minute
The Social Media Revolution video  the world’s most watched Social Media video series; “Social Media Revolution” . Erik Qualman Produce these video for keynote following Al Gore . Its Based on #1 International Best Selling Book Socialnomics. This video includes new social media statistics for 2011

Cyberpunk Viral Philips

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Philips Cyberpunk Viral is on of a series of viral commercials they launched shortly on online platforms .
The Film and commercial industry get serious about making different kind of movies for the online market .
Last year 2009 the carousel was one of the famous viral spots that get boosted
The Carousel Philps HQ 21:9

the making..