Facebook Graph API 2 Migration Upgrading workflow

Since we get close to the Sundown of the FAcebook Graph API 1.0 now all APPs have to be updated till end of April 30. Here a short log how we run it and what functions to take care for both Javascript and PHP SDK s based apps. At the end some links from Facebook..

JqGrid upgrade for Boolean search operator

Started to search for some beautiful Table visualisation that and endet up with PHPGrid that offers what i need PhpGrid based on JQGrid from Triland . Some nice php jqgrid development from China the older phpgrid3.0beta (2009-11-14 ) from a Chinese Developer.
Anyway after all some important function was missing for me the Boolean searches like bigger >= and smaller > equal >= to search..

Social Youtube Player Upgrades

Simple Facebook Video Embed as Youtube upgrade there Api to AS3 on some blogs video dont play anymore inside Facebook and  GaPro-1 tracker dont send tracking updates. All Youtube videos that are Add Sense enabled will not embed outside your blog.
They are several workaround offerd first of all the videoplayer have to be serverd from..

Blog meta Influencer widget

About the Meta Influencer widget on this blog, it shows the recent Twitter sorted by influence about the Blog topic you posted. It should help to connect NOW to people who are online and interested or talking about your Theme you just wrote.Some call it Influencer Marketing we just use to reduce the time to search..

How to post your Facebook Panorama 360 Photos

Panoramas Photos können seit wenigen tagen auch auf Facebook Hochgeladen werden, auf Privaten Profilen Gruppen und Fanpages. Doch wer sich ein bisschen mit Panoramas beschäftigt, weiss das es dazu nicht zwingend eine eigene 360 Grad Kamera benötig. Hier möchte ich ein paar Mobile Apps vorstellen mit denen man ohne Neuer Camera  feine Panoramas mit seinem..